Monday, November 28, 2011

Is this thing on?

I've been so pleased with the number of views we've been getting in the last few days. It was a slow start but things are beginning to really pick up. The problem is, I can hear the crickets churping (that's my way of saying that I haven't received any comments). I would really like to make this an interactive experience and cover topics or answer questions people are really interested in. Please comment, I'd be so happy to hear from you. Let me know how you feel about the post, ideas for future posts, questions, or just let me know that you're here. Hmm.. I will try to make it worth your while.
We will give a CRI tee shirt (Anvil Sustainable - made from recycled PET) and a recyclable drink tumbler. Using a winner will be selected. To be included in the drawing please have your comment in by 12/5. Good Luck, I can't wait to hear from everyone.

One last thing.. please do not forget to include contact information so that I can get in touch with you if you are selected the winner!


  1. Just stumbled on this. LOVE it!! Topic Suggestion: Ways to encourage children to participate in recycling and other environmentally friendly activities.

  2. Lisa.. thanks so much. I will definitely get some posts about this. Appreciate your comment!! For me.. I'm hoping that the drawing will include more then one but.. you might have some pretty amazing odds!