Friday, December 14, 2012


We had a fun little game on our Facebook page of guess what recycled item this was made from (it was a Christmas Decoration and was made from newspaper/adverts). We got a few correct guesses and ultimately one winner (congrats!). I think it pays to play. I absolutely love these anvil sustainable tees and can be caught wearing these CRI logo ones even when "I'm off the clock". They are so soft and durable. The Lily Bloom tablet case is a really neat pattern and also made from recycled content. We love to share the amount of really cool things that are made from your "trash" and find it only fitting that your prizes are as well.
Like these.. check out our Facebook page for recycling news and other chances to play and win!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Chance to Win

Isn't seeing the end product one of the most effective forms of motivation? That is why we are constantly shown before and after weight loss pictures. Consider this my motivation for you. Keep it Green!
A few months ago I posted about a dog harness that was made from 100% recycled plastic (PET to be exact). The holiday decoration below has two things in common with the harness..
1. It's made from (mostly) a recycled item.
2. If you guess correctly you can be entered to win.
Check out our FB page and guess to be entered to win. Even better if you are new to our page or just haven't LIKED us yet  (what are you thinking?) you'll get even more chances to win. If you already LIKED us.. just pass this along to someone else for you to also be rewarded with extra entries in the drawing.

Here is our Facebook page just in case you'd like to go check it out (I really think you should).

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Did you ever wonder?

Has anyone ever told you something and you buy into it.. you eat it up and walk away thinking, "Wow, I feel better about that person or that company"? Have you ever woke up the next morning or even just tried to explain it to someone else and as you are talking it out it just doesn't make sense anymore. I have. I've watched little news blurbs, read quick headlines or even what I thought was the the whole story only to look into it further and realize that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  I've listened to a presentation only to later find out that either the presenter wasn't fully upfront (or to give them the benefit) wasn't completely informed.

Many times in our industry this can be traced back to green washing. Companies or individuals want you to think that they are doing the right thing. They bank on the fact that you won't ask how. I am not an engineer and (unlike my husband and son) I don't really appreciate a good episode of "How It's Made" but I do have at least some common sense and sometimes things just don't make sense.

It's a fine line because you don't want to put those who are choosing to do the right thing and create a green product under more scrutiny. Who deserves more hassle for that? Yet companies who either choose to ride on the coat tails of green ideas without green action really need to answer the tough questions. I guess it's really the eternal struggle of life. It seems like there should be an easy way to tell ones intentions or really define a companies true goals but.. at this point all we can do is ask the questions and hope they can provide true answers.

The FTC has made the decision to "Crack Down on Green Washing"

Companies with hopes of green washing should prepare to put away the hose. It’s been a long time coming but the FTC has started to watch how “real” environmental statements are. They began by creating guidelines although after reviewing them myself a good portion of them are standard, honest business practices. Most manufactures have little to worry about as the majority of these guidelines will only affect those who are truly trying to green wash. To outline the new regulations there are a few basic areas that they focused on:

Basic Environmental Benefits: They put an end to the broad, unqualified claims “green/eco-friendly” these are difficult to prove and they suggest getting more detailed; “15 bottles were recycled to make this product”.

Carbon Offsets: The FTC requires that the company has reliable scientific evident to support any claims it makes.

Certifications & Seals of Approval: In order to promote certifications and seals the company must provide details on why they received them, even by providing a website for the consumer to look it up if the information is too great. They are also required to report any affiliations with those who provided the seals or certifications.

Compostable/Degradable: In order to claim that a product is compostable; competent and reliable scientific evidence that all materials in the product or package will breakdown into or become part of usable compost safely and in the same time as the materials with which it is composted. They must also specify if at home composting cannot occur. In order to label the item degradable they must prove that the entire product or package will completely break down and return to nature within one year. Items destined for landfills, incinerators, or recycling facilities will not degrade within a year, so biodegradable claims for them shouldn't be made.

Free of/Non-Toxic/Ozone Safe & Friendly: The “free of” claims details are scary to me. As a person who tries to be an informed buyer this rule seems to allow producers to claim things that aren’t 100% true. They can claim to be free of yet still have trace amounts or background levels, or if the amount of the substance present doesn’t cause harm, or if the substance wasn’t added intentionally. My question.. please explain how is it “free of” said item if it’s really there? Manufactures cannot say a product is free of one item but substitute another like item with the same risks. Claiming a product is “free of” an ingredient that is never associated with the product just to gain environment recognition is considered deceptive. Marketers who claim that their product is non-toxic need competent and reliable scientific evidence that the product is safe for both people and the environment. It is deceptive to misrepresent that a product is ozone-friendly or safe for the ozone layer or atmosphere.

Recyclable or Recycled Content: If a product is recyclable but facilities are not available for at least 60% of consumers the marketer must make reference to this. The lower the available recycling facilities the more the company needs to emphasis limited recycling availability. Marketers can only make recycled content claims if the ingredients have been recovered or diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process or after consumer use. If the products contain only partial recycled content the amount must be specified “Made from 30% recycled content”. Should an item contain components that are used, reconditioned or remanufactured the product must be labeled accordingly.

Refillable: Unless the manufacturer provides a way or product to refill the package they cannot claim it is refillable. 

Made with Renewable Energy or Materials: Items labeled that they are made with renewable energy or materials should be specifically labeled to avoid confusion (made with solar energy or flooring made from bamboo which is replanted and grows faster than we use it). All or virtually all of a product must be manufactured using the renewable energy or material should this not be the case the percentage must be specified (i.e.: 20% produced utilizing wind energy or packaging made from 50% plant based renewables)

Source Reduction: When making source reduction claims the producer needs to specify exactly what has been reduced (i.e.: 10 percent less waste then our prior design)

As mentioned, these new guidelines are just a small step towards eliminating green washing and false environmental claims. As with any journey, the path is still long with many obstacles. This information was pulled from FTC’s website to view the complete Green Guidelines and legal resources related to environmental marketing you can go to

Friday, November 23, 2012

Give Thanks!

I apparently don't have the whole auto post thing down. I thought I did and it sure did seem simple enough but my "scheduled" Happy Thanksgiving post didn't happen as I expected. Sure this is a blog about keeping our planet healthy and green but it's so important to do that for our future. So.. in the spirit of being tardy for the party.. Wishing all a very Happy Holiday Season. It's never too late to give thanks.. on Thanksgiving and every day. What am I thankful for?? So much! Of course, my entire family but specifically, a wagon full of blessing and an amazing man to pull it (with me of course).  

What about you? What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The public has spoken

I'm still trying to recover from the political election season. I can't help but feel like even informed voters weren't necessary informed based on solely truth. I'm not a very politically minded person. I certainly have my own beliefs and feelings and I have never subscribed to the philosophy that when I rant about how I feel you will adjust how you do. What if you were promised the whole story (just the truth and nothing but the truth), wouldn't that make voting so much easier?

To relate this to the our industry we are happy to try and provide the full story about recycling and our recommendations. I have mentioned the Single Stream versus Dual Stream "debate" in the past. If you remember discussing single stream, I'm sure you remember my view on the situation. We stand strongly behind the idea of not mixing items together (especially food and drink containers that don't tend to be the cleanest to begin with) only to later separate them. Since the sum of our goals is to optimize recycling and reduce waste we feel that we are pretty justified in our reasoning for this topic.

1. Recycling Rates. The largest single reason for "the switch" has been attributed to ease. We are a world constantly searching for the easier way. It's been said that when you make it easier more people will do it (which I fully agree with). The trouble is just because you get more doesn't mean it's the positive results you are seeking. For example; if you place an employment ad for a very specialized field in a little local paper you may receive a lot of interested applicants but they won't necessarily be qualified. Just because more items are getting thrown into the bin doesn't always mean that more items are actually being recycled into new products. Residuals or out throws are the items that have been placed in the bin but do not currently have an effective way to be reused. It is not debatable that single stream has a higher (if not significantly higher) residual rate. This will be reflected in two ways;  some centers will deduct for contaminants (ie: a blanket 10% reduction) or other companies will simply let the money talk by reducing the rebates paid out. Even if you do a great job keeping the items rinsed; clean bottles will break, and rain will happen (both resulting in higher contamination)

Sum it up: Great, the township now has more participation in the recycling program and 30% more material in the bin (at pickup). After sorting the township now has 40% more material that is being trashed at the recycling center because it is contaminated.

2. Transportation Cost, fuel savings. This is a tough one because in some cases it could be accurate. For a small sized business who would need to pay for two dumpsters (commingle and paper) with little or no rebate for the material single stream, in a monetary stand point, makes more sense. The positive environmental impact is still greater in dual stream but single stream is better then trash (in most cases.. sometimes they are one in the same). Should you fit into the above description just be sure to double check with the hauler to ensure that it is actually being recycled. Trucks that pickup both the garbage and recycling at the same time, in the same truck (together) are in most cases are not handling the material in an environmentally friendly way. The cost savings,fuel savings argument typically does not work for larger townships or businesses. In most cases the rebate is greater for dual stream material and if the quantities collected are significant the difference in the rebate can mean a lot.

Sum it up: The cost saved in transportation fees (by those recycling substantial amounts) is typically less than the rebate lost. It is wise to evaluate this case by case but many times you aren't paying out for the transportation but you are not being paid as well for the material.

3. What is the real reason you recycle? If the reason you recycle is a financial one the idea of weighing the costs makes sense. If you feel that recycling is more of an ethical obligation and you are convicted to recycle every item to its fullest potential; your decision is quite clear.

Sum it up: Single stream is better then a landfill. Dual stream material typically has a much higher recyclability rate (it can be used to make more, higher end items because it is cleaner and contains less contamination). Technology in the single stream area is growing constantly but as stated so many times; it never makes sense to combine something to later try and pull it apart especially when dealing with "waste".
CRI has been adamant about what they stand for in regards to processing and we remain steadfast in our arguments. Unfortunately the market and the public has spoken (just as they have in the presidential election). You can place your vote and make your voice heard but your selection (no matter how convicted or founded you feel your opinions might be) is not always the one the majority votes for. CRI has now begun processing single stream material. We will continue to keep dual and single stream material separated and will continue to educate anyone who will listen about our thoughts but.. the public has spoken and we will make the best of it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tube be.. or not tube be.

Oh wow, how clever . Once you get beyond my title ..  check out a a recent email question and my thoughts.

So the question/statement was: "I recently saw a commercial on tv about a new tube less toilet paper roll.. when the technology is available (patent runs out) don't you think that all companies should be required to get rid of the useless tube and help save trees?"

Funny you should ask, I saw that commercial too and it also made me think (I guess they deserve credit for getting us talking).  I believe in the power of the people, as frustrating as that may be. I think that it is our responsibility to be educated about our planet and our direct effect on it. Since we are a free market society if we, as consumers, are educated and demand better environmental standards we'll get it (the producer will have no choice). I don't believe that the government needs to step in and say that no manufacturer can make toilet paper with cores because some people aren't  environmentally conscious enough to recycle a completely recyclable item.

Why throw it out?

1. Lack of education. We reach out to our community on so many social media outlets not only to familiarize the public with our company but most importantly about recycling as a whole. The problem is that you have to be at class to learn. If someone isn't paying attention or isn't interested in the topic they will continue to be the problem instead of the solution. So many items are now recyclable (even ones that formerly had no outlets). If you are repeatedly generating something in your house that you suspect might be recyclable.. ask you are probably right!

2. It isn't easy. Nothing in life that is worth doing is easy.. that's been quoted to me a time or two.  Sometimes it's easier to just chuck it into the closest waste can. It's always easier (and overall less messy) to just transfer trash from your rooms to one large bag instead of picking through it and pulling out recyclables. Creating the right setup in your house can make this a bit easier (have a designated place for paper items to be recycled).

3. Apathy. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in all that are wrong with the world and the idea of fixing the problem just seems too big and overwhelming. Sometimes it seems so big that no little success that you might have will make the slightest difference. If everyone thought that way it would only get worse. Your individual household might be a small stepping stone but you are teaching your children, they are telling their friends and as the word spreads so does the success. The final destination is reached by taking one small step at a time.

I agree that if the company has the ability to help eliminate unneeded "packaging" waste without a negative effect on their product they should do that. I think that if we decide that we would rather buy a product that has a little extra packaging it's our job to be sure it's recycled.

So do your part.. recycle. Don't forget those paper items that move quickly through your house. Recycle your toilet paper & paper towel cores, cereal & tissue boxes because the highest percentage of waste items in the landfill is paper and with out adequate oxygen that paper will not decompose.

Monday, October 1, 2012

How am I doing?

With fear of totally embarrassing myself (with zero comments) .. I am going to do this anyway. Please comment and give me your input. What do you want to hear about? Everyone wants to know if what they are doing is really "hitting the spot". Are there any recycling topics or "green" issues that you'd like to learn more about?

Don't be scared (despite the really scary little guys above).. please write. I aim to please.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Navigating the Rocky Road

Ever thought that you were on the right road only to discover that you should have take the exit a few miles back? Unfortunately using it as a metaphor the road that a business owner, parent, heck human being should choose isn't always clear or marked, and is almost never absolute. Sometimes the joys in life are discovered by taking the "wrong" road or the "long cut" (as we've so loving described my fathers sometimes disastrous shortcuts). As a business owner you often don't have time or the available funds for an exploratory journey; you really just need a quick, short path.
Waste reduction and recycling is unfortunately a path that is unique to each business. There is no exact plan written that will work for every location or material they generate. It is also so important that someone with first hand knowledge can direct and guide decision makers about things they aren't supposed to know in depth. The knowledge required to run each individual business or institution is vast but typically does not include waste management; most times it's just a bleep on the screen of priorities (if it makes it at all). The most important part of choosing someone to come in and evaluate and audit your recycling is to first and foremost know if they are qualified. How long have they been in the industry, do they have other clients within your size and industry range? If they don't have the background or history they may miss "streams" that could be of value or worse are currently costing you unneeded waste fees (and ending up in the landfill). Secondly and also so very important you need to know their motives.
1. What do they get out of it?
For example: Are they a company that does waste and recycling? Do they make more on waste or more on recycling?
2. What are their goals (and do they mesh with yours)?
For example: Do they want to get you to zero waste, the highest possible recycling rate, or are they motivated to only find high value items?
3. What is their "results" track record?
   For example: When you have a child that has done amazing things you like to brag. Same goes for customers/accounts that have had astounding results. I'm not one of those gloating parents but I sure don't have to be prodded too much to at least provide a nice success story or two.

I recommend that you find someone who has motivation and desire to see that every possible item that can be pulled from your waste stream and recycled. A company that not only has a desire to help our planet but your companies impact on our planet (while many times helping your companies own financial well being). Cost savings and recycling often go hand in hand when implemented and handled correctly. Don't be afraid to ask the above questions and ensure that you are receiving the best guidance in your waste management journey.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Recycle Man

Save the Date! September 15th

It'll be a good one, don't miss it!!  Help to save some trees and landfill space and clean up some of the extra "stuff" lying around your home. We'll be joined by Y102 (of Reading) and will be offering free hot dogs, soda and balloons from 10am till 12:00noon. The first 10 customers will receive a free tee shirt so get there early.

We are so pleased to have a Recycling Community Day at CRI (in Hamburg). We'll be providing the standard drop off services (Paper Items, Commingle Material <plastic,glass,cans> , and our metals buyback center).

We are working with Responsible Recycling Solutions (of Kutztown) to offer EScrap collection. Lancaster Oil is collecting used oil for reprocessing.

Any questions on what you can bring or event details don't hesitate to email us!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tee Shirt Anyone?

It's the last day of our contest. Coleese would love for you to participate and be entered to win (she promised the boss she'd get us some more FB likes). Need some motivation?

**This is a picture taken from Anvil.
These Anvil Sustainable tee's do not disappoint. Go to our FB page and give your guess. Correct guessers are entered to win. HINT: check out the comments.. and you'll be sure to get the right answer. Hope to see you there soon!

This is Coleese trying to use the power of persuasion..look into her eyes. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Who wants to win something?


Meet Coleese. She has a very tough job as a floor warmer. She is also a very smart girl because she's very environmentally aware.

On our CRI facebook page we are having a contest in an effort to provide a bit of recycling education. Something in the above picture has been recycled. If you go to the Facebook page and make a correct guess (there are some hints in the comments) you will be entered to win a tee shirt and beverage cooler (also made from recycled materials). Go check it out and don't forget to LIKE US!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


CRI is so very proud to be recognized as a 2012 Waste Watcher Award Recipient.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh where, oh where..

Where have I been? Here,there, and everywhere. I've been gone for a while but yet, I didn't go anywhere. Haven't noticed? (please don't burst my bubble) I'm sure that every one's life works the same way.. in this instance at least. Sometimes you're just busy. There isn't always a specific calendar filled to the brim (it's full sporadically but from the outside it doesn't appear all that busy) but as the hours turn into days and days to weeks. . you just don't seem to have a spare minute. The frightening part is that you look back in disbelief at another week gone by and don't even know quite where it went. Despite running around (at times like a chicken sans head) you can't even really remember what you did. I despise these times .. because so many things get thrown to the back burner and projects that you've been meaning to get done just can't seem to make it to the completed list. I sometimes let the "real" cleaning of the house go and do only the essentials. I'll skip dusting or mopping for a good quick vacuum and tidy up the clutter.

An issue like recycling is often the victim of times like these. Inside a company the main focus is on the day to day operations, service and profitability. With everyone being stretched so thin it seems difficult to get done the essentials let alone try to conquer something as foreign and at times unknown as the recycling program (or lack of).

Too frequently, I need my dose of sanity (happily provided by the man in my life). My husband often plays the voice of reason and will explain that if I can just figure out the small stuff  before it becomes the big stuff life would be so much simpler and a bit more stress free (for all involved). For example; if I made a list and dusted once a week it wouldn't become overwhelming and make me feel like I need to scrub down every single surface of our home and make cleaning day a marathon event. Now that everyone might be thinking I'm a total slob (I swear.. I'm not) I'm going to tie this into the recycling efforts of a company.

Walk in slowly.. no need to jump in head first and give yourself shock. Access your waste stream or better yet (if you are in our service area) let us do a waste stream audit for you (if you're not in our service area find a recycler who might be willing to). Figure out how much definite recyclable material you have. Then figure out how much material you have that you don't know enough about and may in fact be recyclable or at least kept out of a landfill. You may find that when you're looking to cut costs pulling recyclables from you waste stream might be a help and our children will thank you.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Picture(s) of the Day

Incoming and Outgoing. The top photo is baled material as it arrives to our Hamburg, PA location. The bottom photo is as bales are leaving on the way to be made in to new (recycled) products. Stay tuned.. the next time you see them, may be in your grocery cart (we hope). Buy Recycled!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Plastic Bag Ban?

It was a gorgeous, blue skied day; the perfect day for a walk. We'd get to take in the picturesque beach scenes while completing a mission – gather some food for the week’s vacation. Granted, the perfection of the day required some time at the pool, ocean, or at least the protection of the shade to cool you and keep you from melting. So we set out on the ½ mile hike down to the local grocery store, kids in tow and plans in mind, eager to get back. We enjoyed a nice walk there and were happy to kill off a little of the extra vacation energy the children had built up.

Everyone knows that family beach vacations tend to require a good deal of snacks, food, and drink.  Generally it is one of the first missions, especially on those that include a plane ride and no option for packing them. There were a lot of "needs" so we came armed with a list. We navigated the aisles and loaded the cart making our way to the register. As the cashier started to tally up our order we noticed that she wasn't bagging. A little confused my eyes searched for the bag rack so we could help to move the process along. The two little ones in tow were ready to get back to the beach and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit anxious to “relax” on vacation myself. The cashier noticed my confused searching and asked if I wanted a bag. "Oh yes please, that's exactly what I'm looking for". "They are here and they're $3.00 a piece" she replied, "how many do you want?"  “Hmm…” I thought. How exactly will we make this work? I have two hands, one child that needs to hold my hand and one that will most likely need to be held (extra vacation energy can apparently wear off quickly). Seeing that my husband does well as a "pack mule" and  prior to the where-are-the-bags debacle we had debated how he was going to handle carrying all of the bags back on the ½ mile walk. He was adamant that he could, and although there might have been part of me looking forward to seeing that, we both had to agree that there was no way he'd be able to get this many "loose" items in one trip (part of me still thinks he was willing to try when the cashier had said the price). To top it off the $3.00 reusable cloth bags weren't as large as normal bags and it looked as though it might take 4 dozen bags and possibly half the island's population to lend a hand to carry them, good luck right?  

Apparently the island has big controversy around a plastic bag ban. I mean, I get it, who wants to see bags floating in the beautiful ocean or blowing along the side of the road?  I had read so much recently about the plastic bag bans in different communities that I was familiar but somehow still completely surprised when faced with it. I am up to date on environmental issues and the concerns associated with the use of bags and most importantly the lack of recycling but in my mind a ban just isn't necessary. Not to mention the idea of banning something like this makes me think of prohibition; when the government tries to make people more responsible by taking away rights (that didn't work out so well). I love our environment, oceans, animals, etc. but I really don't agree with the need to ban bags if people could just act responsibly. In my mind, the key is the phrase "REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE"

REDUCE:  Don't use more bags then you need.. The idea of stores trying to save money by using cheaper thus thinner bags does not seem to do anything but increase the issue of overuse. When the bagger has to "double up" or reduce the amount of items placed in the bags (the savings disappears and the amount of bags used doubles).

REUSE: Keep a little bag holder and reuse the plastic bags as needed. This can be purchased at local craft fairs or a fun project for the little ones. (take a look at the one CRI was gifted as a thank you for teaching some little ones about recycling)

RECYCLE: Plastic bags are completely recyclable. There is no reason that a plastic bag would end up in a landfill or worse polluting our planet or water (although plenty do). In addition to being accepted at recycling drop off locations they are typically collected at local stores. There are websites setup specifically to direct you where to take them so that they can be recycled in your local area (

So, how do we make it happen? How do we ensure that the bags stop ending up in all the wrong places? Education.

We need to teach everyone what the bags do to our wildlife and eco system. We need to educate our children about their/our duties of keeping our planet green and safe. We worry so much about educating our children everyday. We want to ensure they will have a bright and productive future. I totally agree that education is essential to a great future but it sure will be tough to have that bright and productive future if we trashed our planet and all the resources we need to survive everyday.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering, my husband was able to carry the bags and rewarded himself with a combination of pool, ocean, and an adult beverage because “Honey, it is vacation and did you see what I did.  Even impressed myself on that one.”

Monday, June 18, 2012

Picture of the Day

Containers, Containers, Containers.. how many options do we have.. way too many to put in this post.

As much as this blog is from my personal point of view, I also like to share glimpses of the facility. I am hoping that by sharing a few photos you'll get an insiders view. Interested in seeing anything special? Just ask.

Friday, June 8, 2012


So, I have to admit I love Graphic Design but I only dabble. I have known for a long time what is available (or so I thought) via Photoshop but I would start to work on something and the options kinda freaked me out, I'd get overwhelmed and confused then I'd run back to the comfort of Publisher.
I was lucky enough to attend a Photoshop training course this week and I'm super excited to test out my skills. Isn't if funny how things look SO EASY when someone else is doing it? I watched the instructor with that "Oh I got this" look on my face. When the classes were over for the day I ran back to my computer like a child with a new toy but my toy (my mind really) wasn't quite performing. I had the same version as the trainer BUT mine wasn't working quite as well. So, that being said I think I have some practice in my future but I have to say once I get this down .. Oh the wonderful things I'll be able to do 

I know it's pretty basic BUT .. a year or so ago I tried to create something like the above by cutting it out and it took me forever (and wasn't nearly as good). This took me about 60 seconds.

This is an old founders photo that was a bit beat up. It was really faded and when scanned pretty difficult to see. I was able to clean it up a bit. Again, I know that this stuff is beginner (especially if you are an avid Photoshop user) but heck, I gotta start somewhere!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer O' Fun

It's just about the time that children are getting released from classes and summer will really begin. I've recently heard so many mama's saying.. "what will we do with them?" Could I provide some green ideas?

1. Plant a garden - My son loves to play farmer. This is win, win because not only will they have a chance to dig and get dirty but then you'll reap the reward of fresh and chemical free fruits and veggies. My children are convinced that the fruit & veggie they grow taste significantly better then any we could buy .. even from a local farm.
2. Adopt a local roadway- I get that depending on your childs age this might not be the best idea but if you can feel confident that there will be no run away children what could be better then putting on some work gear and cleaning up our planet? Allow them to really get into it and put on all the safety gear (yellow vest, safety glasses, gloves, heck even a hard hat). This will have a real, immediate impact and they will get the chance to burn some energy. Don't forget the sunscreen.
3. Visit/Have a yard sale- If you are in need of some new summer digs or toys where better to visit then a yardsale. You won't break the bank and you can help keep items out of a landfill .. reuse. Likewise, if you need to make room for the new summer arrivals why not have a yardsale of your own. Make a little extra cash and spark that entrepreneurial spirit in your little ones. Declutter and avoid trashing things that might be treasure to somoene else.
4. Picnic lunch/hike- Take time to allow the littleones (and big ones too, of course)  to enjoy our planet.
5. Visit a local farm- The level of difficultly on this one can vary greatly. Some of us are situated next to a number of farms and others.. well, not so much. I think it's a great idea to show children how we get food, it helps to link the idea of taking care of our planet and the direct effect it will have on us. You might want to scope the farm out first just to be sure that they treat their animals and growing the way you'd be happy sharing with your children (just to avoid any awkward situations or conversations).

I'm sure there are a ton more things out there that I haven't thought of.. any suggestions you'd like to add, I'd love to hear them!

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's move in Monday.

It's the first day that our logistics/dispatch team, vehicle maintenance manager & Matthew Cougle got to enjoy the new building and their offices. It's brand spankin' new which can be gathered by the smells of fresh varnish and paint. It's a beauty and a lot more space then they are used to.
Please note:  I was sneaking around undetected and caught them in action (everyone was hard at work).

Above: Members of our dispatch team
Staff Training/Meeting Room

Below: Outside our window

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Tribute.

Not really recycling or environmentally related. Well, sort of. Anyone who had been around CRI through out the last 13 years has most likely had the occassion to meet one of our mascots. If not, meet my Duice. Best dog ever.

Today, heaven has been blessed with an amazing dog and we are missing him greatly. Through the tears it brings a smile to my face to know that he'll be healthy again, strong and running, pain free. You will be forever remembered and loved.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trash to Treasure Air Dates

So I've been talking up our refresh of an old favorite of ours (no, we aren't at all biased). I am proud to announce that we now have real air times. It'll be on WFMZ Channel 69

June 18 @ 7:30pm
August 20 @ 7:30pm
November 29 @ 7:30pm

To recap just in case you weren't paying attention Trash to Treasure is a 30 minute show which explores your recycling and what really happens to it. We give an insiders view of our facility and some of our amazing customers were kind enough to do the same (for the promotion of recycling & composting). We do have plans of posting a down loadable version on our website (after the air date) which can be used to educate others. I am pretty excited (couldn't tell?)

Just a few teasers:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Picture of the Day!

Picture of the Day. A view of our food waste collection vehicle. As much as this blog is from my personal point of view, I also like to share glimpses of the facility. I am hoping that by sharing a few photos you'll get an insiders view. Interested in seeing anything special? Just ask.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Earth Day.. Week.. Month.. Year!

I didn't post anything last week (during Earth Day week nonetheless..GASP) because I was in beautiful, sunny St Maarten. Please, don't be angry (or was pretty nice) and stop reading. I promise the catching up that is required upon my return will stand as my punishment. We are still in the Earth "week" craze. I love it. It's so much fun to get out and interact and educate (especially children). We are always so happy to share about our business and recycling in general. The key to increased recycling is education!