Friday, February 24, 2012

Composting .. don't take my word for it.

I sure have my opinion on composting but what makes more sense than listening to someone in the food industry that has tested and proven results. If your company is in the food industry and generates a significant amount of organics waste we service the Pennsylvania areas of  Lehigh, Berks and Schuylkill Counties. We are holding a seminar on March 16 and we would love to explain to qualified participants how it could work for you & potentially save you $$. Email or comment for more details and to see if you qualify.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't waste your energy.

A bit of a pun on words. I'm really speaking about Waste to Energy solutions. Aren't I clever? I clearly understand that waste to energy is by no means true recycling. Well, I mean it is.. sort of, but not the real deal.

In an ideal world everything that we consume, use or have left over should be reused or recycled. The continued green demand and education will spur that "dream" along but right now that is just not the reality of things. In addition, some products have a reuse lifespan. Plastics can only be recycled and reused so many times before the material begins to breakdown and are adequate as only a filler in small quantities or not usable at all. What do we do with items when the recycling option just doesn't seem to be there?

I think this is the ideal situation for waste to energy. CRI has a program in place that we sort out every  recyclable plastic type that we can. We are than left with the plastics that would otherwise find their way to the landfill. Instead of dumping plastic waste in the landfill to sit for; well pretty much forever we process it to be used as an alternative fuel. Assuming that the waste to energy facility has the proper filtering technology it is pretty much a win, win situation (in my humble opinion).
There is of course a negative side to this. Some companies seeking out the zero waste badge who are doing it more on a merit of recognition than stewardship for our planet may sometimes ditch the sorting efforts and just include it all to be an alternative fuel source. When the sorting and reclaiming of recyclable material stops the forward progress of waste to energy is lost.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

These aren't landfill bound..

Above is some produce & deli items from a local grocery store

Save the date!

We are holding a Food Waste Composting Event. It's an invitation only event but if you are in our service area (currently Lehigh or Berks County) and you "create" a significant amount of food waste we'd love to see you there. Please email us for details. The event will be held in mid March and will be sure to please; we are still ironing out all the exacts. Interested ? Comment and I'll tell you how to get on the invite list.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are you throwing away money?

I guess it's sort of a ridiculous idea. I mean no one in their right mind would willingly throw money away, right? But it's happening everyday and the worst part is that not only does it not make financial sense but it also doesn't fare well for our environment.

Thankfully the recent green push has resulted in a lot of companies doing some real soul searching. So many recyclers & manufacturers are looking for ways to reuse items that previously had no where to go but a landfill, in turn this has allowed huge strides in developing so many new markets. Some manufacturers have come to find that they, themselves, can use recycled feedstock in place of new raw material in many levels of production while looking great (in an environmental light) and most times saving some money. It is pretty beneficial to have a green label these days, especially if you are backing it up.

The more we look the more examples we can find of the green push by end users doing amazing things for businesses. As said many times, not only is recycling the "right" thing to do but it also helps avoid the costs of throwing items into a dumpster. Ironically, the most painful part is when companies find that with a little planning and  preparation the "junk" that is costing them money might actually be worth something - painful that they didn't take notice to their options sooner. So how do you know if you are doing all you can?  Many recycling facilities are able and willing to help you to determine that, but sometimes you have to ask for the advice. Our sales staff which has over a decade of combined experience will often complete a full facility overview. They basically look at your entire facility, your manufacturing or business process, and check out the items currently in your dumpster. On so many occasions they have found valuable items that were previously just a headache to get rid of and done so at a cost. Who knows what they'll find or what "real" results you could make by recycling those landfill bound item?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Real Results

I have the honor of gathering CRI's material numbers for the year and translating them into tangible results. Despite my normal love of sarcasm.. you should not be sensing any in the last sentence. Even after being around the numbers and material for years, the real results still stun me (and they continue to rise). Large numbers might be amazing but they are just numbers; it doesn't really translate.

1.45 million trees .. so I can't picture in my mind 1.45 million trees. Heck, I don't think I could picture 100,000 trees but I know that 1.45 million trees is A LOT! I have completed a little research about what 1.45 million trees means to our environment:

The above clip is based on trees that are approximately 15 years old. It doesn't end at trees though. In addition to the trees saved our customers have also saved a whole list of other resources. (These are only based on the paper recycled we haven't even accounted for all the plastics, glass or metals.)

About 14 million bathtubs filled to the brim. 590 million gallons of water.. saved

We saved about 39 million of these filled gallon containers with oil 

Saved 348 million kilowatt hours of energy

Prevented over 25 thousand tons of air pollution

Saved 260 thousand cubic feet of landfill space

This is no small feat!
Congrats to all of our customers for the real results you created!