Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer O' Fun

It's just about the time that children are getting released from classes and summer will really begin. I've recently heard so many mama's saying.. "what will we do with them?" Could I provide some green ideas?

1. Plant a garden - My son loves to play farmer. This is win, win because not only will they have a chance to dig and get dirty but then you'll reap the reward of fresh and chemical free fruits and veggies. My children are convinced that the fruit & veggie they grow taste significantly better then any we could buy .. even from a local farm.
2. Adopt a local roadway- I get that depending on your childs age this might not be the best idea but if you can feel confident that there will be no run away children what could be better then putting on some work gear and cleaning up our planet? Allow them to really get into it and put on all the safety gear (yellow vest, safety glasses, gloves, heck even a hard hat). This will have a real, immediate impact and they will get the chance to burn some energy. Don't forget the sunscreen.
3. Visit/Have a yard sale- If you are in need of some new summer digs or toys where better to visit then a yardsale. You won't break the bank and you can help keep items out of a landfill .. reuse. Likewise, if you need to make room for the new summer arrivals why not have a yardsale of your own. Make a little extra cash and spark that entrepreneurial spirit in your little ones. Declutter and avoid trashing things that might be treasure to somoene else.
4. Picnic lunch/hike- Take time to allow the littleones (and big ones too, of course)  to enjoy our planet.
5. Visit a local farm- The level of difficultly on this one can vary greatly. Some of us are situated next to a number of farms and others.. well, not so much. I think it's a great idea to show children how we get food, it helps to link the idea of taking care of our planet and the direct effect it will have on us. You might want to scope the farm out first just to be sure that they treat their animals and growing the way you'd be happy sharing with your children (just to avoid any awkward situations or conversations).

I'm sure there are a ton more things out there that I haven't thought of.. any suggestions you'd like to add, I'd love to hear them!

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