Friday, June 8, 2012


So, I have to admit I love Graphic Design but I only dabble. I have known for a long time what is available (or so I thought) via Photoshop but I would start to work on something and the options kinda freaked me out, I'd get overwhelmed and confused then I'd run back to the comfort of Publisher.
I was lucky enough to attend a Photoshop training course this week and I'm super excited to test out my skills. Isn't if funny how things look SO EASY when someone else is doing it? I watched the instructor with that "Oh I got this" look on my face. When the classes were over for the day I ran back to my computer like a child with a new toy but my toy (my mind really) wasn't quite performing. I had the same version as the trainer BUT mine wasn't working quite as well. So, that being said I think I have some practice in my future but I have to say once I get this down .. Oh the wonderful things I'll be able to do 

I know it's pretty basic BUT .. a year or so ago I tried to create something like the above by cutting it out and it took me forever (and wasn't nearly as good). This took me about 60 seconds.

This is an old founders photo that was a bit beat up. It was really faded and when scanned pretty difficult to see. I was able to clean it up a bit. Again, I know that this stuff is beginner (especially if you are an avid Photoshop user) but heck, I gotta start somewhere!

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