Monday, July 23, 2012

Oh where, oh where..

Where have I been? Here,there, and everywhere. I've been gone for a while but yet, I didn't go anywhere. Haven't noticed? (please don't burst my bubble) I'm sure that every one's life works the same way.. in this instance at least. Sometimes you're just busy. There isn't always a specific calendar filled to the brim (it's full sporadically but from the outside it doesn't appear all that busy) but as the hours turn into days and days to weeks. . you just don't seem to have a spare minute. The frightening part is that you look back in disbelief at another week gone by and don't even know quite where it went. Despite running around (at times like a chicken sans head) you can't even really remember what you did. I despise these times .. because so many things get thrown to the back burner and projects that you've been meaning to get done just can't seem to make it to the completed list. I sometimes let the "real" cleaning of the house go and do only the essentials. I'll skip dusting or mopping for a good quick vacuum and tidy up the clutter.

An issue like recycling is often the victim of times like these. Inside a company the main focus is on the day to day operations, service and profitability. With everyone being stretched so thin it seems difficult to get done the essentials let alone try to conquer something as foreign and at times unknown as the recycling program (or lack of).

Too frequently, I need my dose of sanity (happily provided by the man in my life). My husband often plays the voice of reason and will explain that if I can just figure out the small stuff  before it becomes the big stuff life would be so much simpler and a bit more stress free (for all involved). For example; if I made a list and dusted once a week it wouldn't become overwhelming and make me feel like I need to scrub down every single surface of our home and make cleaning day a marathon event. Now that everyone might be thinking I'm a total slob (I swear.. I'm not) I'm going to tie this into the recycling efforts of a company.

Walk in slowly.. no need to jump in head first and give yourself shock. Access your waste stream or better yet (if you are in our service area) let us do a waste stream audit for you (if you're not in our service area find a recycler who might be willing to). Figure out how much definite recyclable material you have. Then figure out how much material you have that you don't know enough about and may in fact be recyclable or at least kept out of a landfill. You may find that when you're looking to cut costs pulling recyclables from you waste stream might be a help and our children will thank you.


  1. I'm enjoying reading and learning more about your company- thanks for the interesting info and motivation :)

    1. Thanks so much for posting. I'm so glad that you are reading and enjoying!