Friday, October 5, 2012

Tube be.. or not tube be.

Oh wow, how clever . Once you get beyond my title ..  check out a a recent email question and my thoughts.

So the question/statement was: "I recently saw a commercial on tv about a new tube less toilet paper roll.. when the technology is available (patent runs out) don't you think that all companies should be required to get rid of the useless tube and help save trees?"

Funny you should ask, I saw that commercial too and it also made me think (I guess they deserve credit for getting us talking).  I believe in the power of the people, as frustrating as that may be. I think that it is our responsibility to be educated about our planet and our direct effect on it. Since we are a free market society if we, as consumers, are educated and demand better environmental standards we'll get it (the producer will have no choice). I don't believe that the government needs to step in and say that no manufacturer can make toilet paper with cores because some people aren't  environmentally conscious enough to recycle a completely recyclable item.

Why throw it out?

1. Lack of education. We reach out to our community on so many social media outlets not only to familiarize the public with our company but most importantly about recycling as a whole. The problem is that you have to be at class to learn. If someone isn't paying attention or isn't interested in the topic they will continue to be the problem instead of the solution. So many items are now recyclable (even ones that formerly had no outlets). If you are repeatedly generating something in your house that you suspect might be recyclable.. ask you are probably right!

2. It isn't easy. Nothing in life that is worth doing is easy.. that's been quoted to me a time or two.  Sometimes it's easier to just chuck it into the closest waste can. It's always easier (and overall less messy) to just transfer trash from your rooms to one large bag instead of picking through it and pulling out recyclables. Creating the right setup in your house can make this a bit easier (have a designated place for paper items to be recycled).

3. Apathy. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in all that are wrong with the world and the idea of fixing the problem just seems too big and overwhelming. Sometimes it seems so big that no little success that you might have will make the slightest difference. If everyone thought that way it would only get worse. Your individual household might be a small stepping stone but you are teaching your children, they are telling their friends and as the word spreads so does the success. The final destination is reached by taking one small step at a time.

I agree that if the company has the ability to help eliminate unneeded "packaging" waste without a negative effect on their product they should do that. I think that if we decide that we would rather buy a product that has a little extra packaging it's our job to be sure it's recycled.

So do your part.. recycle. Don't forget those paper items that move quickly through your house. Recycle your toilet paper & paper towel cores, cereal & tissue boxes because the highest percentage of waste items in the landfill is paper and with out adequate oxygen that paper will not decompose.

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