Friday, March 22, 2013


A little lady thinking green.

I know I'm not alone here, I've heard plenty of people saying the same thing this year. I am so ready for spring!The snow and ice melted, the birds starting singing, little bulbs started blooming and then.. it snowed ,ice (re)formed, and the heating oil is still pouring through our burner like coins in a slot machine. I think the biggest hurtle is the mental aspect of things. Had mother nature not let us taste the warmth we wouldn't be craving it quite as badly right now, but we did.. and we want more!

This correlates with my last post talking about how to get employees to participate in the recycling efforts of a company. In most instances once staff and management "taste" the benefits of recycling or see the impact one company can have in our environment it's tough not to crave more. It becomes easy, almost second nature, to look for more ways to save or more things to pull out of trash.

It is always harder to retrain a person who isn't programed to think about recycling and conservation but when following our prior tips and showing results you can usually change the way people think (at least a little).  Without doubt, it is always easier to train from the beginning and ingrain the ideas in to a little mind, making it true second nature. It's easy as a parent to explain the importance of our planet and taking care of it, providing examples of what is healthy for our planet and what's not (just like what is healthy for a  body and what is not). The concepts are easy to understand and laying down that foundation keeps it fresh in their minds as they grow.

I have said it before;  there is really nothing more important for our childrens future than our planet, it's essential.

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