Friday, April 5, 2013

The Recycling 101 Answers..

We only had one answer but he was right on. Way to go, you showed us your skills!

The above corrugated is coated with wax (used mostly for produce). The wax coating makes recycling it with other corrugated items not possible and recycling in general quite difficult. Some companies may be able to handle this item but at a minimum must be kept separate.

The above corrugated is very recyclable and so is the plastic which is wrapping it but together they are garbage. If the plastic is removed both items can be thrown in (separate) recycling bins.

  The above items are box cutting, this material is commonly used for soda can packaging, cereal, boxed pasta, etc. They do not have the "honey combed" makeup that you'd find in corrugated boxes. They are fully recyclable but do not have the same value and reuse potential that corrugated does.  
Thanks so much for participating.. if you enjoyed Recycling 101 let me know and we'll do a few more of these!

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