Friday, July 5, 2013

I try..

I recently read a blog post (which CRI shared on Facebook) about the "secret" confessions of someone who tries to be green but struggles with not so eco moments. The blog really spoke to me. I make a large effort to keep it green. I do really well most times but there are still areas that I could use some real improvement.

I have a paper towel addiction. I've tried to opt for sponges and reusable towels but nothing has quite done the trick for me as well as paper towels (especially in a pinch with many'o spills with small children). Reusable towels created more laundry and I could never get them to look clean again after cleaning up something like grape juice or strawberries. I'd pull them out in front of company and be convinced that they were judging us as someone who "forgot" to do the wash. I feel guilt as I pull a towel off the roll - the good news is that when you compost.. it's not so bad (yes, now I'm justifying).

The nice thing about life in general is that despite some failures you have plenty of chances to shine. Our family has done really great in trying to eliminate on the go baggies specifically in packing lunches or on dinners on the fly. In the spring/summer sports season, we often need to eat on the move.  I've purchased some super cute containers that eliminate the need for baggies as well as recycling some lunch meat containers that work great for holding sandwiches and a side. There are lots of positives to these baggy alternatives because not only are they reusable ( I  tried to reuse baggies but sometimes day old mayo that sat out in the sun just isn't something I'm looking to clean out of the bag and put it back to work.. smell and all) they are also easier to hold, use, and pack (they actually don't smash your sandwich).

I've found that most times when I've changed our habits in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly, I've also saved our family some cash. Anyone have any great green ideas, we'd love to hear them!

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