Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recycling fun.

It's been a little bit since I've added something fresh to our blog. I struggle with trying to provide new, educational content that people would like to read (hint: I'm always looking for reader suggestions/comments to point me in the right direction). I decided I'd ease back in with something fun to test your recycling knowledge. We are going to be "grading" some bales that are in our warehouse. Can you tell me what these are? They have been sorted at our facility and compacted (into bales) that are easier for storage and transport but what where they? Please, all guesses welcomed! 

      I used to be a :  ???? 


this one isn't meant to stump you (there is some bleed from the item above - the brown ones) and a new product to the right. 


  1. Come on, don't be shy. Make some guesses.. we'll make the winner smile, I promise!

  2. Angela, thanks so much for commenting! Can you be more specific, which picture are you referring to? Since you've been the only comment so far I think you've got the prize in the bag ;o) Thanks again for reading and for commenting!