Monday, February 10, 2014

Simple changes can make a big impact.

So I know that I've mentioned it before but I'm not perfect. I try.. but at times I fail. I've done some things in our home to help encourage recycling and limit our garbage as much as possible. I've set goals for our family (of four) to have one bag of garbage per week. To some that still seems excessive and maybe others it seems impossible (I'm hoping for that because then I look good.. wink, wink). Sometimes we meet that goal and I proudly strut my stuff as I drop my one (in my mind) itty bitty bag of garbage at the drop off center. I also like to pretend to struggle with my many recycling bags (just to show how much our house recycles). It's great that we try to limit our waste but even based on one bag per week from every household we make A LOT of garbage.

Many times for me things as a big picture can become a bit overwhelming and situations can seem impossible to correct. I think for my mind it's easiest if I break down big problems into smaller issues.

 1 bag per household per week = 1 plastic garbage bag per household per week lying in a landfill

Plastic takes a really long time to breakdown.. years, and years and years. Things take even longer to breakdown when they are deprived of oxygen which is what occurs when they are buried in a landfill. I decided that I may not be able to make my trash completely disappear but at least I can recycle. When I've recycled and composted what I can I will put my trash in a bag that will hopefully breakdown much more quickly. I got a compostable bag option and I like it.

I know all  about the negative comments and if we throw away less (or optimally none) it would be better and I will continue to work on that but for now this is a way to take a step and lessen our impact. I'm not telling anyone to run out and get these bags (this is no commercial) but as a broader view; simple choices or changes can make a big impact. Don't let the size of the situation overwhelm you, take it on; one little step at a time. 

What simple choice will you make today, that will make tomorrow better for us all? 

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