Monday, March 17, 2014

What does Earth Day mean to you?

Working for a company that deals daily with recycling and trying to keep our planet healthy gives true meaning to the comment that for us everyday is Earth Day. Our ultimate goal each day is to optimize recycling and reduce waste, which ends up in a landfill or worse dumped or littered. We get so excited for Earth Day because that seems to provide a spotlight on an issue that we feel should be a priority every day.

Many times a common misconception for individuals and businesses alike is that Recycling and environmentally prefered options cost more money. We have taken pride in disproving this myth, many times recycling can save you money or can even become a source of profit (if the quantities are sufficient and handling methods are efficient). We can tell you how and provide free evaluations anyday, you don't need to wait for Earth Day!

For so many Earth Day is a "fun" day that lets them attend a few fun events and maybe get some free stuff but what does Earth Day mean to you?

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