Monday, July 21, 2014


I am environmentally/recycling minded. I know that recycling creates true results and the opposite has it's own very real (negative) consequences as well. Yet, I was still dumbfounded by this statistic provided by Busch Systems. First the fact that our current recycling rate is 34.5% is craziness, and the results of pushing that rate up to 75% is phenomenal. I know that we are all capable and it's really not that hard. We challenge you, start small, recycle something today that you never had before. Walk a few extra steps to the recycling bin, drop your household collection of groceries bags off at the grocery store (don't keep them and then get fed up and throw them away). Your very simple choices have a very real impact; one bottles, one can, one bag at a time, we (YOU) can be the change.

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