Friday, September 5, 2014

Going Green has never been so easy

We recently had a great giveaway on facebook that we asked our followers to guess what item in the picture was made from recycled content. I was hassled a little that everything in our offices should be made of recycled content. Unfortunately we aren't quite there but we are certainly trying. We have ensured that any new materials that we have purchased as promotional items contain a recycled content (if available).  Some products simply are not being produced using a recycled content but many are, it does sometimes require a bit more research and the variety is often more limited.  The good news is that it has never been easier. I have sometimes been left wanting but for the most part with a little determination, I have been able to find a product that falls within our requirements and was made from something that was diverted from a landfill. We need to let manufacturers know.. WE WANT recycled content products. The more we buy and the more vocal customers are the more options that will be made available. Be sure to do your part. 

Can you guess what particular item in this picture was made from recycled soda bottles? 

Max is doing his part by sporting a collar made from recycled PET bottles. Not only is it great for our environment, it's also easy on the eyes! 

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