Friday, May 15, 2015

Why ya gotta be so mean?

 I am by no means the shining light of positivity. I would LOVE to be known for that characteristic but that isn't my reality. In fact, I've needed to defend by comments many times by explaining that "I'm not pessimistic, I'm really just realistic". That being said, I have recently found myself feeling so frustrated by comments that I have heard or overheard people make recently. 

When there is positive, happy news about responsible environmental choices made by companies or citizens (that created a real impact in our environment) instead of people rejoicing and providing their well wishes they do the opposite, they criticise. Whether pointing out the areas that could benefit from additional changes, why the results aren't as great as written, how they would do things different, or why the company as a whole is awful; none of it is productive. We need to understand that things will not always be perfect and that additional steps might need to be made to make things better but can't we encourage and celebrate the little successes? 

As it has been said, "every great journey starts with the first steps", and we need to celebrate when the steps are leading down the right pathway. The critics only push people to avoid the path all together. Regardless of their motivation if they are doing the right thing we say thank you, good work, and please keep it up. Today we celebrate our achievements, tomorrow we encourage for new successes. 

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