Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Recycling Tip#4 - Please follow instructions!

We know that you've been hearing, seeing, and learning about the amazing amount of things that can be recycled into something new. It's such a waste to throw these recyclable items into a landfill when they could be used as a raw material. The idea of recycling excites us, that is what we do!

The downside to learning the capabilities of recycling is only hearing a portion of the story. While MANY, MANY items are recyclable (claims have been made recently that about 80% of all waste) it must be recycled correctly. Cigarette butts may be reuse able, juice pouches have been a raw material, Grocery bags can be made into decking boards, electronic scrap may become new components but if these items are received at our Hamburg, PA facility they will likely end up the same place they would've it you threw them away. Even worse than my last statement... there is a very good chance that a few cans, bottles, and jars may also be thrown away with them because they became contaminated.

We know this recycling thing can be super complicated. There is no one ruling body and since everyone has slightly different equipment, end users, licenses, processes, and technology the lists of what is and is not recyclable varies (sometimes greatly). The only solid thing that we can build the foundation of recycling on is knowledge. You may not know what the next town over can accept but know what your local site does. Know what is allowed in your bin and most importantly what is not. Getting the material in the bin (although essential) is only the very first step. More material in the recycling bin does not necessarily mean more material recycled... unless you are following the bin labels and program guidelines.

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