Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"What is that big mountain??"

If you are in the area and have happened to drive by our Hamburg, PA location I am sure that you have noticed our mountain of "glass". It's not just normal glass, it has been processed and is ready for use. We take great pride in using every possible item to its fullest recycling potential. An unfortunate side effect of transporting recyclables is broken glass (of mixed colors a.k.a. mixed cullet). Most producers who are in search of recycled glass need it to be segregated by color and cannot use mixed broken pieces. Since there was no "real" recycling options we have a large piece of equipment that acts like a giant stone tumbler. This equipment helps to remove plastic and other contaminants while getting it to a uniform size and tumbling it to remove sharp edges. While this material has obvious limitations (you won't be building your home with it) it also has a lot of areas that it excels at. The  material tested and approved (and in use) as a filtering agent in sand mound septic systems (in place of standard stone or sand). The material has done well in trenching, fill, and other drainage uses. 


Another use that we are proud to have an example of at our site is the final picture. Glass aggregate was used to create character in the building bricks (found on the outside of our logistics building). So, you may not have known what our mountain was all about... or even what it was but we'd love for you to stop by and pick some up... if you have a use for it. Have more questions? Give us a call 610.562.8336 x210 and ask about our glass aggregate! 

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