Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are you throwing away money?

I guess it's sort of a ridiculous idea. I mean no one in their right mind would willingly throw money away, right? But it's happening everyday and the worst part is that not only does it not make financial sense but it also doesn't fare well for our environment.

Thankfully the recent green push has resulted in a lot of companies doing some real soul searching. So many recyclers & manufacturers are looking for ways to reuse items that previously had no where to go but a landfill, in turn this has allowed huge strides in developing so many new markets. Some manufacturers have come to find that they, themselves, can use recycled feedstock in place of new raw material in many levels of production while looking great (in an environmental light) and most times saving some money. It is pretty beneficial to have a green label these days, especially if you are backing it up.

The more we look the more examples we can find of the green push by end users doing amazing things for businesses. As said many times, not only is recycling the "right" thing to do but it also helps avoid the costs of throwing items into a dumpster. Ironically, the most painful part is when companies find that with a little planning and  preparation the "junk" that is costing them money might actually be worth something - painful that they didn't take notice to their options sooner. So how do you know if you are doing all you can?  Many recycling facilities are able and willing to help you to determine that, but sometimes you have to ask for the advice. Our sales staff which has over a decade of combined experience will often complete a full facility overview. They basically look at your entire facility, your manufacturing or business process, and check out the items currently in your dumpster. On so many occasions they have found valuable items that were previously just a headache to get rid of and done so at a cost. Who knows what they'll find or what "real" results you could make by recycling those landfill bound item?

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