Friday, February 3, 2012

Real Results

I have the honor of gathering CRI's material numbers for the year and translating them into tangible results. Despite my normal love of sarcasm.. you should not be sensing any in the last sentence. Even after being around the numbers and material for years, the real results still stun me (and they continue to rise). Large numbers might be amazing but they are just numbers; it doesn't really translate.

1.45 million trees .. so I can't picture in my mind 1.45 million trees. Heck, I don't think I could picture 100,000 trees but I know that 1.45 million trees is A LOT! I have completed a little research about what 1.45 million trees means to our environment:

The above clip is based on trees that are approximately 15 years old. It doesn't end at trees though. In addition to the trees saved our customers have also saved a whole list of other resources. (These are only based on the paper recycled we haven't even accounted for all the plastics, glass or metals.)

About 14 million bathtubs filled to the brim. 590 million gallons of water.. saved

We saved about 39 million of these filled gallon containers with oil 

Saved 348 million kilowatt hours of energy

Prevented over 25 thousand tons of air pollution

Saved 260 thousand cubic feet of landfill space

This is no small feat!
Congrats to all of our customers for the real results you created!


  1. This is very cool - so the numbers above - how many people recycled and for how long to save all that stuff? What is the geographic area covered?


  2. Hello Virgina,

    Thanks so much for commenting! These are our 2011 numbers (1 years worth of accumulation)from our materials recovery facility. We are a family owned corporation that works regionally in PA. We service Berks, Lehigh, Northampton, Schuylkill & surrounding counties.We service from small businesses to large national accounts, we also work with institutions & local townships & muncipalities. Again, these stats are based on the paper only and we do a good deal of commingle materials as well(plastics, glass, metals, etc). We pride ourselves in being "green" minded and helping customers remove recyclable from their waste stream. We find that removing these items from the trash not only helps our planet but also reduces waste costs.
    I hope that helped to answer your questions. Thanks again for reading & commenting!