Friday, June 20, 2014

Make good,green choices

I've often explained that being kind to our planet goes much  further than recycling but also following through and buying recycled. We all must commit to supporting companies that have the correct environmental outlook and avoid those who do not. We need to make choices that are not only beneficial to us but also to our planet and generations to come. Navigating through greenwashing does make finding true answers exceedingly difficult but with a little practice it becomes easier to read between the lines.

Two of our family favorites are GUD (made by Burts Bees) and our absolute favorite is Original Sprout.Both are healthy natural choices without all the extra "stuff", both work very well and smell amazing, and both are contained inside of bottles made from recycled content. I am by no means suggesting you run out and buy these particular products (unless you want to) but am suggesting that you evaluate what you are buying; what it's made from/of, the product packaging (how its made/how it can be recycled), and the environmental outlook of the company.

Making our buying choices based on the above allows us to commend a company that is doing right and not providing business to those who aren't. This buying method will hopefully encourage other companies to get behind the planet (even if getting there is based on consumer demand). 

In my mind, the above products are a double positive, I'm not giving up anything (they are comparable in price and work as well if not better then "the other guys"). Why don't you give it a try on your next purchase? 

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