Monday, June 2, 2014

Take 5

We had no way to knowing exactly what the response would be when we decided (somewhat kicking and screaming) to accept single stream, you can put out feelers and do market research but that is still not a clear determination. We didn't "want" to do it but knew that it was the only way that we'd be winning a majority of the new bids. So we tentatively installed equipment (about 1 year ago.. give or take a few weeks) and we've had a huge influx of material. We do still mutter under our breath at times about the "better" way to handle material separation but we are happy with the problem that  currently we have.. too much material and not enough hours in the day to process it. So after approximately one year of processing single stream we are upgrading our sorting equipment which will allow us to increase our throughput.

We wanted to try and avoid a complete shutdown but due to the constant material pouring in we've decided it is absolutely  necessary. So, this Friday will be our "Take 5" while we get the new equipment in place. It's always troubling to stop the flow because you never want to inconvenience your customers but we needed it.. we were filled to the gills. Luckily, we have an amazing and experienced facility maintenance supervisor (did I mention he has been with CRI for 30 Years!@!) who has headed up a number of large equipment installs and he's got the whole process down, so we know it'll be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are excited.. and look forward to be up and running at a new, faster pace.

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