Friday, March 2, 2012

All that glitters is..

At CRI, Hamburg PA all that glitters is gold glass. Do you know what happens to the glass that you put in your recycling bin? If you answered that it gets sorted by color, melted down & eventually made into new bottles..Bravo! (If you didn't.. take the credit and nod) Tougher question.. do you know what happens to all the glass that got broken, dirty & mixed into a multi color mess at the bottom of the bins?

At CRI this material is processed and goes on to be used in sandmound septic systems, fill solutions (in place of stone) and used in other finished products.

During the construction of  a new building at the Hamburg site management was thrilled to use a brick material that contained our very own glass aggregate.



It looks absolutely beautiful and it's an example of closing the loop. I don't have a current shot of the finished building but I'll work on getting that. It is amazing what options are out there if you just do a little research and make up your mind to go green!

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