Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food Waste Composting Event

Wow! Did you ever start off trying to convince someone of a good idea and than realize that what you have is even better than you imagined?

Food Waste Composting seems to be a buzz phrase right now in the waste management industry. Composting seems like the logical next step to companies who have committed to reducing their waste. I knew that it was good. Making a new product from food waste "trash" versus chucking it in a landfill to sit just makes more sense. I do have to admit that in my mind I was thinking "It is food, it will eventually breakdown. We aren't talking about plastic here and it won't hurt animals or our environment if we would have eaten it." You may be surprised by this.. I sure was .. it won't break down at least not in a good way. There is not adequate oxygen available to the material when "buried" in a landfill to allow it to breakdown. It rots but after years and years that food will still be there. A large majority of the leachate or sludge/liquid waste created by a landfill is caused by food waste.

The good news is that we have a solution. We may not be able to eliminate every source of garbage but we can eliminate the need to throw away food. The fact that I am recommending that you avoid landfilling your food waste might seem like a scary and costly idea but the fact is that if you have a fairly good size food service business composting versus trashing will save you money.

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